Various machined parts

General and Precision Machining

Turning, milling, drilling, broaching, boring, reaming, cutting, sawing, etc.




Tig, mig, and arc welding of steel, stainless steel, and aluminum



Refurbished 30K lb Alum Plate Flipper - produced all internal parts

Machinery and Part Rebuilding

Are the blueprints missing? Has the OEM has been sold or gone out of business? We can reverse engineer a single part or produce all new parts for your equipment.

Roller in lathe

Manufacture, Emergency, and Regular Repairs

Rollers, shafts, molds, tools, and parts


Steel mill rollers bundled on pallets


Production runs can be 5, 500, or more pieces to save you money and time!


Threading and Tapping

Threading and Tapping

Both US and Metric sizes

One single cavity mold used for polymer drain tile

Fixture and Part Design and Manufacture of Rubber, Plastic and Polymer Molds

Design, building, and Repair

Machining the overhead cable hook forging

Machining of Forgings and Prototypes

Types of materials include cast iron, cast steel, and cast aluminum.


Dynamic balancing of a high pressure roller


Dynamic balancing


From .025" OD to 23.75" OD and up to 200" between centers.

Table size 10" x 42" x 16" high

Up to 10 ft. long with tolerances to Navy specifications

Finishing to Bearing Spec

(Pictured right)
Tie bar for a horizontal injection machine metric approx 8" OD x 190" long.

Tie bar for horiz injection machine metric approx 8" OD x 190" long

Sub-contractor Supplied Services

We also partner with experts in other fields who can provide the level of quality, delivery, and price you expect of us. These services include but are not limited to:

  • Chrome and Copper Plating
  • Rubber covering
  • Steel and Composite Brush Covering
  • Precision Internal and External Grinding


Chrome plated mirror finish with box

Don't see a specific service listed?

Although we try to list the major services we and our sub-contractors offer, we might have missed the one that brought you to our website. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your specific needs.